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Your Local Blue Badge Digital Service

IEG4 has a powerful end to end digital service to efficiently manage your Blue Badge processes. Our intelligent, responsive and customisable online Blue Badge forms, developed with London Borough of Ealing, are intuitive to use and offers your citizens a cohesive and seamless user journey.  

All of the services e.g. applications, renewals, cancellations, appeals and misuse reporting can be accessed in the digital channel, enabling citizens and staff alike to use a common method of form completion. With all of the data being fully integrated into our case, workflow and document management application.  Significantly reducing wasted time on data entry. 

Plus, officers have the means to request information from citizens, track the progress of cases with a real time progress bar and receive information back digitally too.  All leading to faster decisions for your customers and efficient use of officer time. When decisions/actions are taken these will integrate to the national system in real time too; ensuring that users can carry out all of their activities without leaving the comfort of the IEG4 case management app.
“Kent County Council has signed with IEG4 to provide their Complete Blue Badge Case Management System. IEG4’s powerful end to end digital service will efficiently manage all Blue Badge processes at one of the largest Blue Badge Authorities.

This significant collaboration is in response to the changes with the National Blue Badge System coming into force in January 2019.”
Kent County Council - 09/08/2018

Blue Badge Benefits

Dynamic online forms

Take control of all your Applications, Renewals, Cancellations, Appeals, and Misuse reporting with dynamic forms that are customisable and automatically create cases/workflows.

Case Management

Need to manage your blue badge cases effectively? Our localised solution enables your council to keep track of all your cases as they progress from application to order.

Time tracked Workflow

Revolutionise your local management of blue badge processes. Cases can be tracked throughout your workflow with allocated completion times for each stage.

Automated Communications

Significantly reduce time spent on unnecessary internal & external correspondence by automatically triggering communications at each stage of the blue badge application process.

Real-time Integration

Stay on top off all your badge applications with our end to end real-time integration to the national blue badge service.

Upload Documents

Upon application ask your citizens to upload locally so your council can include evidence & other additional documentation required for assessment approval. All documents are linked to cases and customer records.

Powerful Visual Reporting

Take advantage of all your blue badge data with powerful dashboard based visual reporting using Microsoft PowerBI.

User Management

Enhance your badge workflow with our powerful user/team management with the ability to allocate different roles/permissions to stages and improve your capabilities to audit.
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With IEG4's Blue Badge applications set to increase, it's time for your local council to manage cases effectively
"This web accessibility tool is intelligent, responsive and customisable; perfect for our local blue badge scheme in reducing cost and speeding up decisions." Ealing Council

Fully Responsive

Outstanding UX irrespective of device
responsive blue badge on multiple devices

Case Management

Efficient automation to streamline operations.
screen shot of IEG4 blue badge CMS
Test out your local figures with our Business Case Calculation tool to see how much you could save with your local Blue Badge.

Latest Webinar

IEG4 has a powerful end to end digital service to efficiently manage your Blue Badge processes. Our intelligent, responsive and customisable online Blue Badge forms, developed with London Borough of Ealing, are intuitive to use and offers your citizens a cohesive and seamless user journey. We are hosting a Webinar Programme. To discover more.....

Katherine Beswick
April 3, 2018